For a change I decided to try using a kit to see how it turned out. In a way making beer like this is so much simpler. Just add the malt extract to hot water. Then, when cooled down add the yeast. Then after 10-15 days add the hops. Then add the priming sugar and bottle straightaway. Easy!

How was it? Well, it was simple to make – although it works out more expensive than buying the ingredients separately. The early bottles I tried were great. A lovely lemony hop taste. Unless you are very thirsty though, it’s impossible to drink all 5 gallons or so within a week of making it so inevitably it has to sit for a while (and sediment collects at the bottom) and then, although still drinkable with nice carbonation (not over-fizzy as my last batch) it still has the ‘home-brew’ taste – which I can’t quite define what it is but it does not taste like commercially-made beer (which is my aim). As a result, and for the World Cup, my wife has Kindly been buying some Brewdog Punk IPA – which is definitely one of my favourite commercial beers.